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Sight-Reading’s First Thirty Seconds
Sneak Up On Sight-Reading
Sight Reading Skill is Found in Technique
Sight-Reading Surprises
Get a Student Affordable Private Lessons
The Musician Indoors
Auditioning Far From Home


What it means to be a successful professional musician
Performance Careers
Education Careers
Composition Careers
Healthcare Careers
Music Business Careers
Media Careers
Design Careers
Production Careers
Music: Sometimes the Only Form of Expression


The Value of Attending Concerts or Theatrical Performances
Undeniable Truth: Show Choir Leads to Great Opportunities
This Summer, Go Camping for Music Scholarships
First-Time Summer Music Camp Goers Tips
The Importance of Joining a Community Youth Orchestra
Make an Impression on Your Honor Ensemble Guest Conductor
Why You Should Look Into Military Music
The Benefits of Music Competitions
Contest to Impress: Flute
Contest to Impress: Trumpet
Contest to Impress: Vocals
Selecting a Community Performance Ensemble


Make The Perfect Audition Video
The Secrets of the Audition Process
What Not To Do At Your Audition
Minimize Audition Nerves
The Misconception About Etude and Solo Auditions
Deadlines Are For Real (Understanding the Audition Process Part 1)
Musicianship Basics (Understanding the Audition Process Part 2A)
Mastering Scales And Arpeggios (Understanding the Audition Process Part 2B)
The Solo Audition Repertoire (Understanding the Audition ProcessPart 3A)
Making The Grade (Understanding the Audition Process Part 3B)
It's All In The Name (Understanding the Audition Process Part 3C)
Your Solo’s History - be ready for a quiz at your audition
Stay in the Car, Momma! (Parents we need to talk)

Preparing for College

The Unexpected Costs of College in the Performing Arts
Parents, Are You in the Game?
Barriers, Junior Standing, and Qualifying Quarters, Oh My!
Ensemble Directors or Private Instructors?
Your Solo Repertoire List
The Relationship Between Music Theory and College Tuition
First-Generation College Student Guidance (Part 1)
First-Generation College Student Guidance (Part 2)
College Juries: Friend or Foe?
Why Ensembles Matter
A Message From a Former College Graduate Performer

College Articles

Major in Music Ed. (Part 1)
Major in Music Ed. (Part 2)
Develop Positive Culture for Student Development?
Effectively Recruit for Your Program Ensembles
Higher Music Education Options

Scholarship Articles

More Performing Arts than Athletic Scholarships?
Non-Institutional (third-party) Scholarships
Scholarships, Grants and Loans