Why You Should Look Into Military Music

Start A Career While Serving Your Country

Have you ever considered joining a United States Military band or chorus as a career path? Many students, both during and after college, join a military music program for a variety of reasons. The most common sought-after benefits usually include it providing a stable career as a musician and financial assistance with Tuition Assistance and Student Loan Repayment. Most do it to serve their country.

Defining a military music ensemble

The United States Armed Forces have had ensembles dating back as early as 1756, with the first military band when there were only 13 colonies. Today, military bands and choruses serve as musical ambassadors entertaining both civilians and deployed troops around the country. Some band members spend the entire time performing, while some are full-time active service members.

How to join a military band or chorus

The first step to joining an ensemble is to find a recruiter. Recruiters are the go to source to gather information about joining ensembles like the army or navy, and they can guide you through setting up an audition for the ensemble that you are interested in joining. The recruiter will then inform you of what you need to do next in the process.

Can you still go to college while being in a military music ensemble?

Being in a military ensemble does not separate you from college. In fact, being in a military band or chorus can help you financially! There are also employment opportunities available for students who want to be in the armed forces part-time while also being a part-time student. Whether you go to college, or you serve and then go to college, being in the armed forces can assist in many ways.

Joining the military can be scary and intimidating, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You can serve your country, travel and play music around the world, and perhaps receive financial assistance for school. If you at some point have considered military music, educate yourself. Speak with a recruiter. You might end up deciding it is an excellent fit for you.