What To Expect

The college audition process can seem cloaked in mystery and confusion, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By the time you make it to the audition, schools are rooting for you to do well! They want you to perform well in the audition so they can offer you a place in one (or more) of their ensembles. Remember, the first scholarships that colleges and universities award go to students who fill their ensemble and studio needs and 60% of scholarships are awarded during early acceptance.

There are three steps to auditioning:

    1. Students are accepted to the college
    2. Students perform for the scholarship audition committee
    3. Colleges make their scholarship decisions

Your experience of the college audition process could last a couple of days. Here’s what to do before you go and what to expect once you’re on campus.

Universities post their audition requirements. Read them. It will tell you: