Soar Scholarship Program

Bringing Opportunities to Underserved Performers

In appreciation and recognition of the dedicated music teachers who commit themselves to excellence, is honored to award a complimentary three-year subscription through the Soar Scholarship Program to one hundred schools that are a part of:

The Soar Program is a in-house implemented and managed initiative. It supports’s mission while offering opportunities to organizations, associations, and music educator groups working directly in a challenging environment.


Successful programs will be announced in the spring of 2020.

Dr. Randall Bayne, CEO and Founder of, is an advocate and mentor for expanding performing arts students’ access to collegiate opportunities. He has extensive experience working with underserved communities and supporting students, regardless of background and financial status.

“My first experience teaching was in a small community in South Carolina. The students were from an under-resourced area, and most of the students had not been out of the county, let alone the state. My mission was to provide them opportunities to compete at performing arts events for the first time and to travel to see performances. What drove my passion for creating these opportunities was finding ways for those students to get into college through scholarships. That is the fundamental reason I founded”