Sneak Up On Sight-Reading

Develop a Systematic Approach

Audition adjudicators know that sight-reading is an essential skill for musicians. Sight-reading is a simple combination of music reading and music-making, all while looking at a piece of music for the first time. That’s why sight-reading is sometimes called a prima vista which is Italian for “at first sight.” Your sight-reading performance says a lot about your musicianship because it shows musical knowledge as well as your performance technique.

Why do a lot of students fear the sight-reading part of an audition? Because most of them haven’t:

That won’t happen to you because you are going to learn how to get better at sight-reading. You won’t need to get as nervous before your audition because you’ll have a plan.

You might have guessed I recommend making sight-reading part of your daily practice. A foundation for getting proficient at sight-reading includes a good command of:

As you get older and better at those skills, make sure to add in the guidelines below.

How to Practice

That’s our guide on how to practice sight-reading. There’s nothing magic about it. It’s just one way to do it. You and your instructor may have a different way, but whatever approach you use, use it daily. Daily practice will increase your confidence and give you a systematic approach when it’s time for your sight-reading audition.

Keep Practicing,

Dr. Randall Bayne, CEO of