The Secrets of the Audition Process: “The Temple of Audition Doom!”

For high school musicians who want to apply and audition for a college music program, the process and even the audition event seem to be cloaked in secrets. It just sounds scary and you might feel like Indiana Jones navigating the Temple of Doom, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It turns out that more than 90% of auditioners use word-of-mouth to prepare for the audition process. To paraphrase Indy, that’s not the way to fortune and glory, kid.

Follow these simple steps and you can survive and thrive through (cue spooky music) “The Temple of Audition Doom!”


Remember, they are highly interested in you becoming a music major at their institution and desperately want to see you succeed in their audition process.

Audition Schedule

Here is a preview of a typical multi-day audition:

By observing this audition process, you have a great advantage over the majority of auditioners that arrive their senior year and walk blindly through this process.

The average cost of attending a tier-one school starts at around $65,000 per year, resulting in a four-year tuition price of $260,000. Therefore, if you have an opportunity to receive a full scholarship to this institution in the balance, why not give yourself every advantage? Use the process and like Indiana Jones, walk out of the Temple of Doom with the treasure.

Be brave!

Dr. Randall Bayne, CEO