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Win up to $50 on an Amazon Gift Card!

We want to showcase your performance!

Send us a 90 second video for us to share and we will select the winners of our giveaway!


Record yourself playing your instrument for 90 seconds. You can play your favorite piece or something you wrote, whatever shows off your talent the best! Clipping and editing your video is not allowed.

Step 2

Once your video is ready, follow us on Instagram @ScholarshipAuditions and Direct Message (DM) it to us through Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter, and we will decide the winners of the giveaway.


Share your video using the hash tag #90SecondRecital

What the winners get

$50 Amazon Gift Card

2 to give

$25 Amazon Gift Card

8 to give

Deadline July 1st Giveaway

We will message the winners soon after the video deadline