Parker Gets Recruited

Back at the start of 2018, we were introduced to young alto-saxophonist Parker King, who has a passion for music and aspires to one day become a band director. He created an account with us at and was recruited by Young Harris College. Parker even received a scholarship!

Like many performing fine arts families, Parker and his parents were overwhelmed by the collegiate process. They were researching institutions, visiting campuses, and doing homework on areas such as program-entry requirements. However, there was one major concern for his parents.

 “When we started thinking about college for Parker, we were really worried about how we were going to be able to afford his education. We figured he would be forced to go to a community college, losing opportunities to play music for at least a year or two. But just as we were trying to come up with solutions, fell right into our laps and led us to Young Harris College!” – Mrs. King

Through his completed profile, Parker was able to showcase his musical repertoire and accomplishments. Faculty at Young Harris College were able to watch his performance videos and recruit him based on their ensemble needs. It seems to be an excellent fit!

“In my over 30 years of teaching, there has never been a resource that simplified or streamlined the recruitment process for performing fine arts faculty like myself. We had to invest a lot of time and resources to reach prospective students. But now, it’s easy to find the best-fit talents for our ensembles. And we use here at Young Harris College to find and recruit students that would otherwise never be known to us. It’s an outstanding tool. And it brought us Parker!” – Dr. Kerry Bryant, Director of Bands at Young Harris College

It is our mission to level the playing field for all performing fine arts students. We want to help create networking opportunities that might not be possible. We are incredibly grateful to have met Parker and wish him the very best in his educational journey at Young Harris College!

“ was able to work its magic and open a door for Parker at Young Harris College. He is going to be able to go to an amazing private school for virtually the same cost as a public school. I never, ever thought a private school would be a possibility, and here we are. Parker is at Young Harris College!” – Mrs. King


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