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Ways To Stay Musically Active Besides Practicing

Let’s face it: being a musician has been tough the past couple of months. Musicians rely on being together, whether it’s for a concert, gig, or a jam session. Students can’t rehearse with their ensembles, which is where a lot of their friends are. However, the news isn’t entirely bleak. Students don’t have to practice isolated in their room all spring to stay engaged in music. Musicians are finding ways to strengthen their community and collaborate while social distancing indoors.

Watch Virtual Concerts

Watching streamed or live concerts can be a great way to catch up on your favorite artists, operas, and musicals without paying a dime. You can even enjoy this activity with your whole family. Here are some upcoming events:

Stream Your Own Performances

You don’t have to leave the virtual concerts to the celebrities. Platforms like Zoom, Instagram, and Facebook allow for live streaming. Students can make a setlist and take audience suggestions online! They can also record themselves playing or singing a song in four-part harmony and upload it to social media or YouTube! Have more than one musician in the family? Create a band or chamber group for more fun!

Hit The Books

If your student loves to read, a great way to spend time indoors is for them to read biographies of their favorite musicians. Reading books will give your kid context about the music they love and perform. This should be fun, not homework! You can order books online or check if your library loans books online! Here are some suggestions for teens:

Even though we’re all indoors, being a musician has so many avenues. Find ways to stay connected, get creative, and most importantly, have fun.

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