Motivational Moments

Are you and your students struggling with this school year’s "new normal"? You’re not alone. "Motivational Moments" are videos with an assignment for everyday teaching to lift the spirits of students across the country. Share these videos to change our present challenge into an opportunity!

To use, students can:
1. Copy the text from the assignment and paste into an editable form to return
2. Open the pdf in a word processing program to edit and return
3. Print the pdf, fill out, scan or photograph and return

The Art of Giving

Covid-19 seems to have taken a great deal from people--including our creativity--and this can be very discouraging. Sad, even. But what if Covid-19 also gives us the opportunity to give back to people your creativity? This can bring us immense joy. In this video you are given the choice: sadness or joy? What’s your choice?

From Believe to Achieve

In this video, you’ll learn how to win the battle of your mind to achieve your goal in any endeavor. A five-step process starting with "Believe" and ending with "Achieve." Why? Because you can do this!

Who’s Your Competition

Covid-19 does it again: it seems that this year’s ensemble competitions are canceled. However, while the event itself is canceled, competition isn’t! In this video, you will be challenged to compete against yourself and learn how to find the confidence to win.

Dealing With It

In our Covid-19 "new normal", many aspects of life seem "lost." So many cancelations can even make life a bit isolating. Yet, despite this perspective we tend to have, nothing is lost forever, and we’re never, ever alone. In this video, see a perspective that is both realistic and encouraging for our times.

Finding Your Calling

There are several things you can do to help find your true calling. Pondering these ideas will help you understand if you are on the correct path or not.

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