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12th Grade Guide for Voice

Attend Outside Performances

Attend four concerts/recitals outside of your school this academic year. Each of these concerts should be at the schools that you are auditioning for acceptance and scholarships.


Attend four Master Classes. Each of these classes should be at the schools where you are auditioning for acceptance and scholarships.

Continue music theory instruction coupled with sight-singing development. Take weekly online music theory tests.

Continue taking private voice lessons once a week with a professional vocal instructor.


Participate in at least two school performance ensembles.

Participate in statewide Solo and Ensemble Festival by performing an accompanied solo.

Participate in NATS state, regional, and national solo competitions. These competitions frequently offer cash or college scholarship prizes!

Audition for and make the grade-level appropriate All-State Chorus.

Most importantly, take the first audition time available for each college/university where you are auditioning. Follow each audition with personal hand-written notes of thanks to each person on the audition committee.

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