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11th Grade Guide for Keyboard

Attend Outside Performances

Attend ten concerts or recitals outside of your teacher’s studio this academic year. For example, two concerts at your high school, two concerts/recitals on a college/university campus, and two concerts by professional organizations like your city’s symphony or touring recitalists. Add two concerts/performances outside the discipline of your primary performance instrument like an organ recital, harpsichord recital; and two performances such as a Broadway musical opera, ballet, community chorus, or folksong festival.


Attend six Master Classes on at least three different college campuses.

Continue music theory instruction coupled with sight-singing development. In addition, take a music history course to learn the basic style periods and composers and works related to each of these style periods. You can use formal course offerings at your school, college-prep classes, or online instruction.


Participate in an extra-curricular musical performance outside of the daily academic structure. Examples: pit orchestra for your community theater’s Broadway musical presentation, pit orchestra for community ballet presentation of the “Nutcracker,” or holiday recital presentations.

Accompany at least seven wind or string instrumentalists in their designated Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Perform in a studio recital.

Perform solo recital of ten contrasting compositions with five of the selections being memorized.

Compete in a regional or national concerto competition. For example: Midwest Young Artists Concerto Competition, Ylda Novik Memorial Concerto Competition, Legacy Concerto Competition, Blount-Slawson Young Artists Concerto Competition or the National Philharmonic Concerto Competition. Your local symphonies might sponsor concerto competitions. The winners often receive college scholarships!


Attend extended Summer Camp that has age appropriate performance repertoire. This should be on a college campus, preferably the college you want to attend. While attending this camp, take at least one private lesson from the professor in whose studio you might spend most of your collegiate experience. This can be a nationally recognized summer enrichment program like “The Governor’s School for the Arts” in your state or one of the camps that features America’s most noted conductors and performers as instructors. Check out our grade-by-grade summer experience guide for details.


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