When Auditions Are Far Away From Home

Go The Distance From A Distance

College audition season is a daunting time for most students, but if you live outside the United States or in a state far away from campus, it can be even more stressful. As cliché as it sounds, communication is key. Most colleges are willing to work around your constraints. Make sure you talk to the faculty about your limitations well before the audition season begins. From video auditions to auditioning in person, we’ve outlined the process of auditioning for music programs when distance is an obstacle.

Video Auditions

Colleges are aware that many of their prospective students, especially international students, cannot travel for in-person auditions. If you are proactive and e-mail the coordinator of auditions, they may let you submit a video audition.

Most auditions will require you to showcase your talent and demonstrate your knowledge of music theory and sight-reading. The first step is to make sure that the pieces you choose for your audition fit the requirements for most of the schools you’re applying to. The requirements are usually outlined on the college’s website. The repertoire you choose should showcase your technical and expressive abilities.

For the music theory and sight-reading process, the college, university, or conservatory will usually ask for your private instructor or your school music director’s e-mail address. The institution will then send your director or instructor the materials needed to administer the test at home or school. The test may consist of melodic and rhythmic sight-reading exercises alongside a written theory placement test.

Record your audition and take the music theory test well before the due date to give yourself time to deal with any unexpected complications that may come up such as corrupted files or lost e-mails. The school will always confirm when they have received your materials, so check back in with the school if they don’t send a confirmation email within a few days of submitting your audition.

Scheduling Live Auditions

Although traveling a long distance can be inconvenient, some large schools will not accept video auditions and require in-person auditions. If this is the case for multiple colleges you’ve applied to, it is important to plan ahead in order to ensure you don’t miss too much school.

First, check your school’s vacation schedule. Because audition season for fall enrollment happens in the winter, see if your school gives you any time off between January and March. Many high schools will give Seniors extra days for college visits! Once you figure out when you can travel, try to schedule all of your auditions in that time frame. If you have to miss a few days of school, talk to your teachers and figure out a way to get ahead of schedule so you don’t fall behind.

While the audition process from a distance is more difficult, it is definitely not impossible. By taking these steps, it is possible to get into the program of your dreams.

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