Undeniable Truth that Show Choir Leads to Great Opportunities

What You Can Learn Through Show Choir

Did you know that over 40 percent of Broadway performers have, at one point in their careers, participated in show choir? There are a lot of things to be learned through performing. Most importantly, lessons that can be carried on later in life.

Along with musical icons Snoop Dogg, Tim McGraw, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, many public and pop figures were choir performers. Comedian Tina Fey, past Presidents, George H. W. Bush and Barack Obama, race car driver Danica Patrick, and football legends Walter Payton and Joe Montana, were all choir performers according to www.ranker.com.

Tim McGraw was discovered while performing as a student at the University of Louisiana Monroe. Ashton Kutcher also received his big break when he was performing at his high school. Show choir can provide great opportunities like these for students.

Here are just a few things students can learn through show choir.

The Preparation

It’s often said that practice makes perfect. This can apply to almost anything; the performing arts is no exception. Putting in the time and effort to learn new material requires memorization skills and persistence in perfecting your craft. Learning to blend or complement others in vocal sections is also important. Dedication in the preparation phase is just as valuable, if not more important, than the live performance itself.

The Performance

Experiencing the thrill of performing in front of a live audience teaches students composure, confidence, and humility. Show choir is the only competitive forum that combines both singing and dancing. The notion is that performing requires sustaining high-quality vocals while doing complex choreography. The value of teamwork is evident when students need to rely on the support of others on stage versus being by themselves. Lastly, performance instills professionalism. Having excellent time management and showing up to the performance and getting on stage when it’s your cue, contributes to students learning how to be responsible and independent.

The Post-production

When the performance ends, specifically during a competition, the learning curve doesn’t stop. One of the most valuable takeaways students can gain from a judging panel, is how to be receptive to and respectful of constructive feedback. They might not win or even place in the top three award podiums, but that doesn’t mean the performance was a failure. Even in life, things go awry. It’s early experiences like Show Choir Nationals that teach students they won’t win every race, and perseverance is how they move forward.

It’s important to support youth and teach them they are already winners because they gave it their all and gained valuable experience. The other takeaway is sportsmanship. Sure, any competition has the directive of winning, but students shouldn’t lose sight of why they are performing. It’s all about love for music and the performing arts.

Show Choir Nationals are typically held in March at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tn. The event showcases the best high school show choir groups from across the nation. Our message to students is to enjoy themselves. To those who will be performing in this event, take it in. You will be performing on one of the most prestigious stages where legends like Johnny Cash performed. And as I always say…

Keep Practicing,

Dr. Randall Bayne, CEO

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