Non-Institutional (third-party) Scholarships: What They Are And How To Find Them

The price of college tuition is rising every year, and students need scholarships now more than ever. Although you may know about university-funded scholarships, you should also consider non-institutional (third-party) scholarships. Organizations and foundations not affiliated with colleges and universities give out these funds.

Qualifying for these scholarships is as simple as having connections to local or national organizations or living in a specific city, county, or state. You can also receive a non-institutional (third-party) scholarship for your major, club, or hobby. Many of these applications are located in high school guidance offices. There are a ton of scholarships you can apply for if you know the right places to look. Keep applying because approximately $1.25 billion in scholarship money in the performing arts goes unused every year!

How to Find Non-Institutional (third-party) Scholarships

Now that you know what non-institutional (third-party) scholarships are, you might be wondering: how do I find them? A good way to start is to look at organizations that you or your family are a part of. For example, if you or someone in your family has been in the military, the fire department, or employed by local businesses, talk to a representative of the organization or look on their website to see if they’re offering scholarships.

Many high school clubs and programs also offer scholarships to students. Talk to your teachers and see if they can help you find scholarship applications related to your clubs. There are also scholarships zoned for students from specific schools or counties. The fastest way to get access to these scholarships is to find them at There are over 16,500 scholarships that students can search for, ranging from $50 to a full-ride.

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