Make an Impression on Your Honor Ensemble Guest Conductor

How To Get Noticed

You’re participating in an honor ensemble like All-State Band, Regional Chorus, or All-County Orchestra. The musical experience was beyond your expectations. The guest conductor was awesome, and you could see yourself being in one of his/her collegiate ensembles. But you know there are more than a hundred others in this honor ensemble. You’re sure that he/she does these kinds of honor ensembles weekend after weekend, so you realize that you’re just this weekend’s number. So how do you get the conductor to know you?

Send an Email

So, it’s really simple: email the conductor a thank you note and express how life-changing the event was for you. Oh, and in the email, attach a photo of yourself and share what instrument or voice-part you covered in the honor ensemble. And do not be bashful about sharing if you were first section, first chair. Also, be sure to ask if there are summer camps where he/she may be conducting and/or Master Classes that he/she will be facilitating and mention how much you would like to be a part of one of those upcoming events.

I can promise you, your honor ensemble conductor will be impressed that you were diligent in making contact and expressing your thanks. And it’s in that moment that you’ve moved from a number to a name. Now you’re on his/her email list and you’re getting invitations to summer camps, Master Classes, college application with audition dates, and even scholarship opportunities. Remember, it is always good business to say thank you.

Guide: How to Find the Honor Ensemble Conductor’s Email

The vast majority of honor ensemble conductors are professors at a college, university, or conservatory, which will be listed in his/her bio in the program. And sometime during the event, they’re going to tell you where they’re from and who they represent. So, you can find his/her email address by visiting the institution’s website. Look first under Academics, select Music Department, and then Faculty. Search the faculty roster until you find his/her name and click until you find their bio page. Their email address is almost always listed.

Keep studying!

Dr. Randall Bayne, CEO