Joining Community Youth Orchestras Is Important

"Youth Orchestras" – Part 1: Joining Community Youth Orchestras Is Important

Joining Community Youth Orchestras is very important to students who want to stand out to collegiate recruiters. But which students should join? A student should consider joining a community youth orchestra (CYO) if the following characteristics describe them:

  • natural potential to become a great musician
  • private, additional lessons are being taken under a skilled teacher
  • self-motivated to practice and make improvements
  • are already one of the top performers among peers
  • have a good instrument – better than a first, "starter-kit"

Students with most of these characteristics are highly sought after by collegiate recruiters because they allow students to stand out against their competition and the "average performer."

But how can a student measure up to the best talent in an entire district, even the state? Joining a CYO can be one avenue to help propel a student to a higher level of artistry in a relatively short time.

Students in a CYO find themselves being challenged by very talented performers on a regular basis. One orchestra group I follow has 250 total students participating in 3 orchestras. They come from 80 different schools from 45 different cities and towns located in 2 separate states. Not only are they talented, but they arrive with a high level of commitment to the ensembles.

If students are not playing regularly, and not competing against other talent, students are failing to challenge their potential. Lack of inspiration can cost a student thousands of dollars in future scholarship money – and possibly undermine career opportunities where the financial impact is even more significant. Even peer pressure can be a positive force!

In a top CYO, students receive rich and high-quality experiences through rehearsals and performances. Even if students are performing level 6 & 7 material, CYO’s can provide the opportunity to expand a student’s abilities and repertoire. Advanced CYOs usually play original masterworks at the collegiate and even professional level. Adding orchestral works to a profile, provides a competitive edge for students and attracts faculties from the best programs in the country! So, don’t forget, joining community youth orchestras can open doors of opportunity.