How To Make The Perfect Audition Video

Be Professional And Successful

It’s a common requirement for music schools to require a pre-screening audition video. Audition videos can also be a substitute for an in-person music audition if you don’t live near the campus and can’t make it on their audition days. Follow these tips to make a successful video.

Have The Right Look

Are coffee cups, your math homework, and the bowl of nachos you ate last night visible in the shot? Time to clean up. Faculty members are looking for a clean and plain background. Make sure the room you perform in has adequate lighting so colleges can see you and your instrument (if applicable). Don’t dress too casually; you want to make a great first impression on college admissions offices. A sundress or khakis and a button-down are appropriate options.

Be Prepared

Everything should be ready before you press the record button. This includes your sheet music, instrument, and music stand. The faculty don’t want to see you adjusting the height of your music stand or piano bench.

When choosing repertoire for your audition, pick engaging pieces that you know you can perform well, because you only have about 15 seconds to grab the recruiters’ attention.

Vocalists and Instrumentalists

Make sure that nothing is blocking your face or your accompanist, like a music stand. After your first take, check if your microphone is working properly. If you have low-quality audio or the video sounds distorted, colleges and universities may not accept your audition video. Check for a good balance in the recording. Colleges want to hear you, not your accompanist.


If you have to turn pages during your audition video, get someone to turn them for you. Not only does it save stress, but you won’t have to risk falling sheet music.


Do you have:

  • A clean and plain background?
  • Appropriate and tasteful attire?
  • Adequate lighting?
  • Thorough preparation before recording?
  • An engaging repertoire selection?
  • High-quality audio?
  • Good balance between you and your accompanist?
  • A page-turner (when necessary)?

Then you’re ready to make the perfect audition video!

Keep Practicing,

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