How to Effectively Recruit Talent for Your Program Ensembles

Finding The Right Strategy

On average, collegiate programs invest over $2,200 in each performer who commits to their ensembles. This cost includes advertising, attending college fairs, printing marketing collateral and merchandise, hosting tours, and utilizing other innovative techniques that might entice prospective students to enroll. However, most of this funding comes directly from the performing fine arts program and NOT the administration. So, to effectively recruit, you need to have a competent approach and strategy.

Here are some tips to consider:

Visit student performers on their own turf

Perhaps the most powerful strategy collegiate recruiters and faculties can practice is to visit prospective students. This can be the most successful approach because it places a face to a name for all parties. Parents can feel reassurance in knowing who will mentor their child as both a performer and young adult. Recruiters and faculties can observe students showcasing their talents in performances.

But more often than not, small collegiate programs have limited funds for attending concerts or for travel for off-campus scouting visits. Also, faculties have limited time for the number of places they can visit to observe talents during off-campus visits.

What is the solution?

The answer: an account with

Recruiters can watch performance videos and see student accolades before even beginning their on-the-road approach. It is all about making connections!

Maintain a consistent, accurate online presence

Whether you are a young professional in the collegiate performing fine arts or a seasoned faculty chair, an effective departmental online presence is essential. You need to consistently update your department website and social networks, adding new and valuable content. Most importantly, you need to display clear effective messaging to students and their families. Make the application and audition process as simple as possible and PROMOTE THE SUCCESS OF YOUR PROGRAM.

But the approach of how and what to promote about your program could be different from what the administration or admissions office intends.

How can you effectively reach students and correctly promote your program?

The answer: an account with will allow you the opportunity to add information about your program that prospective students need to hear and want to know before enrolling.

So, how do you effectively recruit performers?

Research indicates the majority of students going to college enroll where their parents or educators went to school, and/or usually at institutions within a 90-mile radius of home. Why is that? Probably because it’s all they know and have access to for decisions. is changing the collegiate recruitment process. You now have the ability to find, recruit, and enroll talent from the most unlikely corners of the country. And students are making the most of these new opportunities to expand their collegiate horizons by creating a profile on our platform.

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