Ensemble Directors or Private Instructors

How Should I Decide?

There are many factors to consider when deciding which college is the right fit for you. These factors can include the size of the school, tuition costs, and the prestige of the music program. It is also important to familiarize yourself with program ensemble directors and private instructors because the lessons you learn could influence your repertoire and your future. Completing something as simple as a pro versus con list could assist you in determining whether the ensemble directors or private instructors are more important for your career.

Ensemble Directors

Your ensemble director will help mold your education in many ways. These individuals are masters at harvesting great collective efforts from their groups. They can offer knowledge about topics such as blend, balance, and interpretation. These qualities are especially helpful for music education majors. It is important to note that celebrated music programs have multiple ensembles and instructors. When evaluating your list of schools, look at ALL of the ensemble directors at the school, not just the premiere director. The faculty may have different experiences and musical pedigrees.

Private Instructors

Private instructors are also important. They are often the most personal student to faculty relationships students have in college. These experts offer insight into such that no other at a university could. They have the technical expertise and specialized knowledge designed to help your playing and success on your instrument. As a result, these individuals can determine the trajectory of a student’s individual playing. For a performance major, it is hard to imagine any other individual having the impact that a private instructor could. For people who want to be professional players, lesson teachers, or experts of their specialty, private instructors offer a unique specialization tailored around your instrument’s tendencies, repertoire and field.

Making Your Decision

As you can see, both the school’s ensemble directors and private instructors should go into making an educated decision about where to attend. Above all, your prioritization should stem from how you believe they will affect your end goal and what knowledge you need to make that dream a reality.

Keep Practicing,

Dr. Randall Bayne, CEO of ScholarshipAuditions.com