Education Careers

You can be sure that if you choose one of the many careers in music education, you will be influencing the next generation of musicians!

Clinician A clinician is a musician, usually someone with directing or educational experience, who visits ensembles and rehearses with them. The purpose is to give ensembles a fresh perspective on conducting and rehearsal styles. Clinicians may also have a specialty in teaching a certain instrument or style. Clinicians are either freelance or work with another ensemble or institution.
College Professor A college professor will teach college-level courses in performance, theory, history, and composition.
Educational Coordinator Education coordinators develop learning programs for students or employees. They work to improve the things people learn.
Ethnomusicologist Ethnomusicologists study music within the context of a particular culture, including the instruments used, why the music was created, and what the music means to its creators and consumers
K-12 Music teacher Elementary and secondary school music teachers teach students the foundations of music. They teach everything from music appreciation, reading notes, and rhythm to instrument lessons.
Music Consultant (Education) A music education consultant works with an organization, often a school, to enhance a music education program. The consultant may design a curriculum, host professional development opportunities, or work with legislative bodies to fund arts programs.
Music Teacher A music teacher can work at a school, in a private studio, or online. A music teacher instructs students of all ages in musical topics including instrument, voice, fundamentals, theory and more.
Musicologist A musicologist is someone who studies music. They study the history and context a piece was composed or performed in, the culture it belongs to, and what it meant to society. They do a lot of research and writing, particularly of their opinion on a piece of music.
Online Music Video Teacher An online music teacher performs the same kind of work as a private music teacher, but lessons are conducted over the internet. Students can range from children to adults and teachers can specialize in an instrument or vocal discipline.
Private Instructor A private music instructor provides instruction on their instrument or vocal specialty to students of all ages. Private instructors tend to work with students of all abilities up to the point of their own mastery.

There are many Education Careers to choose from. This list can be a stepping stone for picking which of the education careers is right for you.