Design Careers

Design careers for someone with a musical background usually mean creating conditions that are best for getting the exact sound you want.

Acoustical Design Consultant Acoustical Design Consultants apply the principles of sound and vibration to their field. They analyze, design, and control sound. The techniques can be applied to creating the perfect environment for a symphony hall. Their skills can also be used minimize the whine of a turbine engine.
Sound designer The Sound Designer is responsible for creating or finding all sound effects, whether recorded or live for a specific production. They work on setting up the sound playback equipment and make sure the board operator is properly trained.
Sound Designer (Video Games) A video game sound designer works with the composer and design and programming team to create and edit music and other sounds that enhance a video game’s experience

There are many Design Careers to choose from. This list can be a stepping stone for picking which of the design careers is right for you.