The premier collegiate recruitment platform for the performing arts is a FREE and effective platform for you to support your students’ preparation for college.

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  • Submit letters of reference for your students
  • Guide students through experiences that can lead them to become better performers
  • Track student progress from 6th through 12th grade
  • Connect students with over 1,500 colleges offering performing arts scholarships
  • Connect students with more than 30,000 college music professors and conductors
  • Access higher education institutions’ auditioning requirements, processes, and students’ repertoire expectations

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Scholarship is a valuable resource for music directors, counselors and educational mentors to prepare and facilitate student access to college. Your FREE membership grants you access to the most comprehensive directory of colleges and universities serving performing arts students.

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Approximately $1.25 billion in scholarship money in the performing arts go unused every year! By creating an account, you can have access to our list of THOUSANDS of non-institutional scholarships. Be sure to check back and login regularly, as we continually update our database for newly found and created scholarships.

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Scholarship provides a comprehensive and searchable database of over 1400 Performing Fine Arts programs in America. Our database gives students, parents and educators valuable information on programs, degree offerings, tuition and more.

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By creating an account you can expand the outreach of your students’ access to college. Moreover, you can help guide your students with the application and auditioning process, and provide letters of recommendation.

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With your profile, you can grow your academic network and connect with prestigious programs and educators from all across the country. By assisting in the recruitment of talented students in your program(s), you can create lasting relationships with recruiters.

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