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Ensemble Directors or Private Instructors:

You may know to look closely at faculty members when choosing a school, but should ensemble directors or private instructors impact your decision more?

What Not To Do At Your Audition

Performing at a high level can be both physically and emotionally draining. But trying to do so without a good nights rest can make it even harder.


College Juries: Friend or Foe?

As a prospective music student, you will inevitably face the question, “Do you have tests in music?” Learn more about college juries.


Majoring in Music Education: Part 2- Plan Your Classes

Majoring in music education can feel like a balancing act. Learn how to plan your classes so you can succeed and also graduate on time.


Majoring in Music Education: Part 1- Exams, Upper Divisional, and More

Majoring in music education can feel like a balancing act. Learn about the possible requirements and tests for both music and education.

Why Ensembles Matter (Even if You’re Not a Music Major)

Ensembles matter, and having experience being in an ensemble could offer you an opportunity for a scholarship or stipend.


What it means to be a successful professional musician

Does the idea of being a free spirit and working as an artist on your own time and by your own rules sound appealing? Great! Follow that aspiration, but don’t think you’ll…

The unexpected college costs in the performing arts

Whether your student is a performing arts major or is only going to participate in ensembles at college, there could be unexpected college costs…

Guidance for a First-Generation College Student (Part 2)

If you are a first-generation college student, there are some important first-step considerations to make and prep work to do.


Guidance for a First-Generation College Student (Part 1)

If you are a first-generation college student, there are some important first-step considerations to make and also prep work to do before you apply. Make your college search…


How to Get a Student Affordable Private Lessons to Excel

Private lessons are essential because they can allow students to excel in music knowledge and also improve their performance skills.


Stay in the Car, Momma

When your child is ready to go to his or her audition weekend, you need to do something that might go against what you are accustomed to… stay in the car.

The Educational Value of Attending Concerts or Theatrical Performances

There are valuable takeaways from attending concerts or theatrical performances. Students can learn musical, cultural and professional values.


Tips for First-Time Summer Music Camp Goers

Do you know there are many benefits to attending a summer music camp? If you are unfamiliar with the value, we recommend students attend.


Undeniable Truth that Show Choir Leads to Great Opportunities

Show choir can provide great learning opportunities for students. We highlight just a few things that students can take away.


More Performing Arts Scholarships Than Athletic Scholarships?

There are more performing arts scholarships than athletic scholarships. Performing artists don’t follow the same rules and non-school sources are key!


Success Improving Sight Reading Skills is Found in Technique

Learn how students can easily improve their sight reading skills using easy preparation techniques which any high school student can do.


Make an Impression on Your Guest Conductor

Use these tips to make an impression on the guest conductor from your honor ensemble, and create a lasting relationship with them.

The Direct Relationship Between Music Theory and College Tuition

Being prepared for your Music Theory Entrance Exam can save you thousands of dollars in college tuition, or even a semester.


The Secrets of the Audition Process: “The Temple of Audition Doom!”

Learn these audition process secrets to maximize your chances at receiving a full scholarship, and come out of the “The Temple of Audition Doom” alive.


This Summer, Go Camping for Music Scholarships

Attend summer camps, master classes, lessons, and keep practicing to appeal to college recruiters and increase your scholarship potential.


Parents, Are You in the Game?

Parent involvement helps students get into better music programs and get more music scholarships. Here are the skills you need to know.

higher ed choices

Know the Difference: Higher Music Education Options

Know the difference between a university with a School of Music, conservatories, institutes, and universities with a conservatory. Find the best option.

The Top 25 Music Schools: A Beginner’s Guide for Music Parents

Based on our research, with our partners at, we have ranked what we think are the top 25 programs in the nation.

Deadlines Are for Real!

No matter how different schools’ requirements are, you can count on one thing: they all have deadlines. This is an important first hurdle!

This is No Time to “Scale” Back on Musicianship Basics

Scales and arpeggios are so important to your musicianship. Scale requirements are almost always a required component in your auditions.


Mastering Scales and Arpeggios: Become a Professional

We know that scales and arpeggios are important. In other words, learn how to practice them so by the time you audition, you will be professional.


Your Turn in the Spotlight: The Solo

Put a lot of thought into your solo repertoire! This is your chance to show your audition judges that you are “the total package.”

Making the Grade

Music grades are based on how difficult a piece is to play. To be prepared for your audition, understanding music grades is essential!

It’s All in the Name

In your audition, you must know what every aspect of the title of the composition means. Furthermore, many judges will ask you about this!


Solo and Ensemble Festivals

Prepare for the college audition process by participating in the Solo and Ensemble Festival sponsored by your state music educators’ association.


The Misconception About Etude and Solo Auditions

When a college requests both etudes and solos for your audition, you can be confident that it’s a top-tier music department.


Your Solo’s History

“Before you perform your solo, tell us a brief history of the solo and its composer.” Here are some pointers to help you ace your audition history quiz.


Your Solo Repertoire List

A solo repertoire list will need to include all solo pieces that you have performed since you began as an instrumentalist or singer.


Sneak Up on Sight-Reading

Audition adjudicators know that sight reading is an essential skill for musicians. You won’t be nervous because you’ll have a plan.

Sight-Reading Surprises

You may be wondering what kind of music you’ll be asked to play for the sight-reading portion of your audition. Never fear.


Sight-Reading’s First Thirty Seconds

The sight-reading music just landed on your stand. Now you have about three minutes before you’re expected to start playing. What are you going to do first?

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