The Benefits of Music Competitions

Get Noticed for Your Talent

As we have talked about in past blogs, competitions are a great way to build your resume and bolster your college applications, whether you play trumpet, flute, or sing. Competing shows recruiters your commitment to enhancing your talent.

You may already be involved in a school choir, band, orchestra, extra-curricular ensemble, or musical. However, when many students are already involved in these activities, it can be hard to stand out against the crowd. The next step to get noticed by colleges is participating in competitions.

There are benefits to competitions beyond increasing your chances of college recruitment.

Benefits Include:

Want to compete, but don’t know where to get started? Here are some elite competitions for flute, trumpet, and vocalists.

Flute Competitions

The NFA High School Soloist Competition

Mid-South Flute Society

National YoungArts Foundation Woodwind Competition

American Protege International Woodwind and Brass Competition

Trumpet Competitions

National Trumpet Competition (High School Division)

International Trumpet Guild Youth Competition

Ictus International Music Competition

Glenn Miller Birthplace Society Scholarship

Voice Competitions

National YoungArts Association Voice Competition

American Protege International Vocal Competition

Schmidt Youth Vocal Competition


Meet us at a competition! A large competition that just attended was the Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional Championship. Next, we will be at the Bands of America Grand National Marching Championships in Indianapolis November 14-16 to see students all over the country compete for their futures.

Want to use your competition experience to get noticed by recruiters? Visit and complete a profile today!